Gamification in Outbound Marketing


A quick follow-up to our post at the end of last week about Zynga and their shopping spree: We read this morning about Zynga’s partnership with DreamWorks Animation to promote the studio’s new movie, Kung Fu Panda 2. This is an important reminder about the scale that gamification has already reached, not just in the […]

Zynga Goes on a Shopping Spree

We’ve been talking this past week about the growing trend of gamification, and its impact on markte research. If one needs evidence of this booming trend, they need only look to Mashable’s report earlier this week of social game studio Zynga’s acquisition of DNA Games. This makes for Zynga’s 14th acquisition in just 12 months. […]

Why Are We Better At Games Than At Real Life?

Last week Vivek Bhaskaran was a keynote presenter at the TMRE conference along with Kevin Keeker from Zynga (the creators of such epic online games as Farmville and Angry Birds). Together they tackled the subject of why these games are so engaging and so all consuming and how to take advantage of these benefits in research. […]

Updates from the Technology Driven Market Research Conference

Earlier this week, the Technology Driven Market Research event was held in Chicago. Topics included new mobile research tools, neuroscience platforms, social media analytics and other market research technologies that help capture real time consumer insights. Among many talented speakers were Research Access contributors Leonard Murphy (editor of the Green Book Blog) and Vivek Bhaskaran […]