[VIDEO] Kiss Your Comment Cards Goodbye

Kiss Your Comment Cards Goodbye

Have you ever been at a restaurant or hotel and received a comment card? If you’re like most researchers and data-oriented marketers, you probably didn’t just blindly fill it out. You probably looked at it through the eyes of a professional. We tend to be hard on our own, and rightly so. When I get […]

Exclusive: Dr. Minh Duong-van Applies Physics Principles to Text Analytics

Dr. Minh Duong-van

At the Net Promoter Conference I had the honor of meeting and conducting an interview with Dr. Minh Duong-van, a renowned physicist in the field of chaos theory.  Dr. Minh was at the conference for the announcement of a partnership between his company, Metavana, and Satmetrix, the Net Promoter Company, to create a Social Net […]

Follow-up: Slides and video from SurveySwipe Webinar

Just a quick follow-up to last week’s webinar on data collection with mobile devices: the slides and video from the presentation are now available for on-demand viewing: Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/bubek/surveyswipe-webinar-jan-11 Video: http://bcove.me/6vom3jub We’d love to hear your thoughts on this presentation, as well as on data collection with mobile devices in general. Please be sure to […]

Applied Crowdsourcing with Dr. Leslie Fine of Crowdcast (VIDEO)

This week at Enterprise 2.0, we had a chance to catch up with Dr. Leslie Fine, Chief Scientist of Crowdcast. Crowdcast is essentially an internally-focused market research tool that leverages a crowdsourcing approach to gain insight into the collective intelligence of your employees. In other words, employees can vote on questions posed by others in […]

An Introduction to Choice-Based Conjoint

Choice-Based Conjoint is the most popular conjoint technique used in market research today, and for good reason. Yet, if you’re new to market research, it may be a relatively new concept to you. In order to help overcome this hurdle, Research Access contributor Nico Peruzzi has put together this extremely helpful introductory video, which in […]

7 unanswered questions about Google TV

On Thursday at the Google I/O conference the company announced their Google TV platform. It’s a technology that will be built into TVs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, and other devices that will allow people to do things like use Google Search to find videos from the Web and whoever your channel service provider is, as […]

Online Video: Right on Target

Across the board, agencies are expecting to invest more in using online video for marketing purposes. This study by BrightRoll, a branded video advertising network, showed that not only does this still-developing medium prove itself to be “more effective” than other forms of advertising, but that its main appeal is the efficacy of targeting according […]