A History of Anonymous Market Research Twitter Addresses


Once upon a time, there was only one anonymous market research Twitter address. Way back in January of 2009, someone, who to my knowledge remains anonymous, created a Twitter address called @MRHeretic and posted this tweet: Not everyone believes in the value of the net. http://tinyurl.com/cmkv8r — mr heretic (@mrheretic) January 24, 2009 MRHeretic also […]

10 Proposed Market Research Hashtags


As those who follow the market research conversation on Twitter know, there are quite a few hashtags used by the industry Twitterati. Some of the more common include: #MRX: Market Research #NGMR: Next Generation Market Research #NewMR: New Market Research #ESOMAR (or any industry association): Association-specific hashtag Sometimes I think it all gets to be […]

Twitterversity: Training in the Principles of Market Research Project Management

graduation cap

Professional training and career development is an ongoing, continuous process. And tomorrow, there’s a great opportunity to keep that process going! Be sure to join Kathryn Korostoff of Research Rockstar tomorrow, July 28th from 7am-3pm EST, for an exciting day of free market research training at MRXU, their Twitter-based market research training program. Here’s the agenda for the day: Class: Principles […]

The Game Mechanics of Social Media

[Editor’s Note: We continue our on-going series on gaming and research this month with the following post by Jon Puleston; originally published and syndicated with permission by The GreenBook Blog.] By Jon Puleston I have been studying game theory deeply over the last few weeks in my quest to work out how to effectively gamify […]

What We’re Reading: Working in Real-Time

Twitter Noise

Here at Research Access, we read quite a bit – as you can imagine. Personally, I both love and fear opening Google Reader each morning to find 1000 or so unread items from across the worlds of news, media, business, marketing, technology, and of course – research. (I also subscribe to the daily cartoon xkcd; […]

Breaking Through White Noise

White Noise

One of the challenges of conducting research by listening to social media channels is the sheer amount of noise that exists around any given topic. Twitter alone sees more than 90 million new tweets per day, and everyone knows that only a fraction of that is what we’d call “legitimate” (once you rule out the […]

The Twitter Fire Hose

Have you ever heard of the Twitter “fire hose” or the “sprinkler” ? If you have, you have probably been doing software development work on connecting to Twitter. The “fire hose” and the “sprinkler” are just two of the terms Twitter use to describe the type of connections you can make to Twitter with an […]

Using Twitter for Market Research


Microsoft fans and geeks alike know (and sometimes even love) blogger Robert Scoble and his blog, Scobleizer. I follow him with a passing interest on Twitter, but was struck by two recent tweets which I think hint at an opportunity for market researchers. Here are those tweets: From: @Scobleizer Sent: Dec 14, 2010 1:11p How […]

Something to Tweet About


Twitter users are some of “the most influential online consumers,” according to a study by ExactTarget. Twitter users compose a relatively small portion of the online audience, only accounting for 14.6% of total internet users, however, Twitter users are also active, digital evangelizers who blog, comment, evaluate, and praise companies or products. As Morgan Stewart […]

Intimate Moments and Social Media

New findings in an ongoing Retrevo Gadgetology Report show that social networking borders on obsession for many users. Respondents reported that they check Facebook and Twitter all day and sometimes throughout the night. The most startling piece of information was that 7% of respondents said that they’d even check a social update message during an […]