[SURVEY] How Do Marketers Use Marketing Services Firms?

Too Many Questions

The world of marketing has gotten incredibly complex as new channels emerge, messaging paradigms change, and individuals move from role to role.  In keeping with this complexity, vendors who provide marketing services struggle to keep up with the trends of the day and are in need of direction. In order to understand how professionals involved […]

How to Do a Survey

How to Survey 150

This brief tutorial outlines the key steps involved in conducting a survey. So, you want to do a survey. Maybe you haven’t conducted a survey before. Maybe you have. Either way, that’s OK. Here are the essential steps to success. 1. Decide who will take your survey The most likely scenario for a business or […]

What Would the News Be Without Surveys?


What would happen if you took all the survey results out of your local newspaper?  How much news would be left? As a researcher, I like to think that I take notice when news outlets use survey results as part of their reporting. The news is, of course, chock full of survey results on a […]

Fatigue After 20 Minutes


A recent Survey Sampling International white paper entitled “Questionnaire Length, Fatigue Effects and Response Quality Revisited” addressed survey choices and best practices and compared those responses to those of an identical 2004 investigation. Among many observations, the paper suggests that the tipping point for most questionnaire respondents is the 20 minute mark: “There is a […]