SoLoMo and Market Research


Thank you to all who joined us on March 29th for Research Access‘ joint webinar with GreenBook, “SoLoMo: How Social Media, Localization, & Mobile are Redefining Marketing Insights.” Here, in all its grandeur, is the text of the full webinar. The panel included Charlie Rader, Digital Insights Tools Leader, Procter & Gamble; Steve Rappaport, ARF Knowledge Solutions Director and […]

What Market Researchers Need to Know About SoLoMo


Do you know everything you need to know about SoLoMo, the convergence of the social, the local and the mobile? Could you learn something from Charlie Rader of Procter & Gamble, Steve Rappaport of ARF (and author of Listen First!), and Andrew Jeavons of Survey Analytics? I thought so! Well, it’s not too late to sign […]

Buzzword Alert: What the Heck is SoLoMo?


There’s a new buzzword blazing into town, and it seems to be causing some divisive feelings.  The term is “SoLoMo,” which is a combination of the words “social,” “local” and “mobile.” SoLoMo represents a concept which is a tidal wave in our evolving society:  the convergence of social, local and mobile technology.  Our lives are […]

SoLoMo: How Social Media, Localization, & Mobile are Redefining Marketing Insights


I’m pleased to announce the second in a series of webinars sponsored by Research Access in conjunction with GreenBook. Our first joint webinar with Greenbook was on the subject of Big Data. This webinar, entitled “SoLoMo: How Social Media, Localization & Mobile are Redefining Marketing Insights,” will be on Thursday, March 29th, at 1pm Eastern […]