Are Market Research Tools an Alternative for Social Media Haters?

Social Media has been around for a number of  years now, yet many CEOs just don’t see the point.  Most of them leave the social media activities to the marketing folks in their organization. In a post on DIYMarketers, we explore the idea the some of today’s newest, coolest market research methods can actually be a […]

What We’re Reading: Mobility, Asking Why, Social Media Research

What We're Reading

Normally, we’d be going through our reading list on Monday mornings, but given the glorious (and extended) Memorial Day weekend here in the US, we decided to postpone our reading to Tuesday. So without further adieu, here are some highlights from our reading list this week: Mobilizing Market Research, Part 3 – In this third […]

Can You Crowdsource Social Good?

Make a wish

Why not end the work week on an up-beat note? Mashable has an article this morning entitled, “Can Crowdsourcing Make Any Dream Come True?” In it, they explore the idea of crowdsourcing social good with a look at the site Wish Upon a Hero. The site allows anybody to post a “wish,” the content of which […]

The Game Mechanics of Social Media

[Editor’s Note: We continue our on-going series on gaming and research this month with the following post by Jon Puleston; originally published and syndicated with permission by The GreenBook Blog.] By Jon Puleston I have been studying game theory deeply over the last few weeks in my quest to work out how to effectively gamify […]

What We’re Reading: Working in Real-Time

Twitter Noise

Here at Research Access, we read quite a bit – as you can imagine. Personally, I both love and fear opening Google Reader each morning to find 1000 or so unread items from across the worlds of news, media, business, marketing, technology, and of course – research. (I also subscribe to the daily cartoon xkcd; […]

On the other hand, maybe QR codes are already dead

Earlier this week, I wrote about the impact QR codes might have on market research. The post was in response to a recent study that showed that not only is awareness of QR codes, but so is the likelihood that consumers will use QR codes (particularly with a coupon or discount incentive). The study was […]

Is Social Media Killing the Survey?

A recent article in AdvertisingAge entitled, “Will Social Media Replace Surveys as a Research Tool?” caught my attention. With that title, how could it not? Of course, this isn’t a new topic. We’ve been debating the impact of social media on market research for some time now. But, through the lens of consumer products companies, […]

The (Digital) Year in Review

Last week, comScore released its 2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review. comScore describes this report as, “its annual report on the prevailing digital trends of the past year and their implications for the future.” There probably aren’t many surprises here for those who’ve been keeping reasonably abreast of the big trends, but there are some […]

Breaking Through White Noise

White Noise

One of the challenges of conducting research by listening to social media channels is the sheer amount of noise that exists around any given topic. Twitter alone sees more than 90 million new tweets per day, and everyone knows that only a fraction of that is what we’d call “legitimate” (once you rule out the […]

Do It (Yourself) or Die

Regular readers of the Green Book Blog know that I think a lot about the future of the market research industry. I make it my business to follow as much news as possible, network with peers, talk with thought leaders, and collect my own primary and secondary research data on the topic. I do all […]