The State of Sentiment Analysis


Sentiment analysis is under deep scrutiny. After the initial enthusiasm about the concept and the flood of many tools trying to measure sentiment, many in the web analytics space are disappointed and left searching for better ways to measure and apply it to business problems. In the recent Social Media & Web Analytics conference organized […]

Sentiment Analysis Symposium – Live Blog

Sentiment Analysis Symposium

5:13pm Carol Rozwell of Gartner moderated a panel of experts on innovation in sentiment analysis: – Leslie Barrett of TheLadders – Bing Liu of the University of Illinois at Chicago – Romi Mahajan of Metavana Barrett predicted that sentiment analysis would move more toward free flowing emotion detection. Mahajan said the two major innovations are […]

Follow the Sentiment Analysis Symposium

Sentiment Analysis Symposium

Research Access will be providing live coverage of the Sentiment Analysis Symposium this Tuesday, May 8th. Check out Research Access on Tuesday for live updates. Better yet, join me at the Symposium at Lighthouse International in Manhattan.  You can still register for $100 off using the code FOAF. Here are some of the sessions I’m […]

A Discussion of Text Analytics with Michael Tupanjanin

Michael Tupanjanin

What follows is the next in a series of interviews I conducted at the Net Promoter Conference in San Francisco last month.  If you missed my video interview with Dr. Ming Duong-van, you’re going to want to click over for a listen to his fascinating interview.  Still to come is an interview with Satmetrix CEO […]

Satmetrix Reveals Social Net Promoter Score


The big news from the opening day of the Net Promoter Conference yesterday was Satmetrix‘ partnership with Metavana to offer a new “social” Net Promoter Score called the SparkScore. Net Promoter is an approach to customer satisfaction measurement.  The new SparkScore is Satmetrix’ approach to the growing field of text analytics and sentiment analysis. The […]

Sentiment Analysis Firm Metavana’s New CMO, Romi Mahajan: An Interview

Romi Mahajan

Romi Mahajan is a well-known technology marketing speaker and expert; he serves on a variety of advisory boards and speaks at over a dozen industry events per year.  He most recently served as the Worldwide Director of Sales and Strategy for the Digital Marketing and Search team at Microsoft.  Prior to Microsoft, Romi was founder […]

The problem with automated sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is a broad area of natural language processing, computational linguistics and text mining and it aims to determine the attitude of a speaker or a writer with respect to some topic. Companies are using sentiment analysis to monitor the social web to understand and react to what their customers are saying about their brand. […]