When Will They Get Engaged?


White Horse, a marketing firm, shared the results of a social marketing survey. Although most businesses, whether B2B or B2C, now have a social marketing presence (less than 18% reported absolutely no social marketing functions), B2B still shows less social engagement than their B2C counterparts. The study cited many reasons for this lack of engagement […]

How to Get Your Own Executive Assistant. No Approval Required!

If you are like most employees that conduct market research, you’ve got too much on your plate. As we discussed in my last piece, “No One’s Going to Fund Your Sugarberry Ham Experiment” the tasks surrounding market research expand to fill time faster than housework. Market researchers have to be smarter and more focused than 80% […]

No One is Going to Fund Your Sugarberry Ham Experiment Without A Solid Business Case


Like many marketers, I have fallen in love with the characters, the pacing and the work environment of the AMC Original Series, Mad Men. One of the things that amazes me though, is how little attention is placed by clients or Sterling Cooper Draper Price employees on getting a return on investment (ROI). Sure Rachel Menken […]

Good News for Marketing Budgets…?


Forbes Insights released the results from a study that surveyed marketing executives on their spending habits and their expectations for the coming year. A significant portion of the executives surveyed reported that they expect budget increases in the coming year. But the part of their organizations in which they expect to see the most growth […]