The Survey Geek: Mixed Mode, but with a Twist

blind men and the elephant

I was in London last month at the MRS Annual Conference where there were a number of interesting sessions, including an excellent workshop on social media measurement by Ray Poynter from NewMR that I believe Ray is turning into a webinar. One of my favorites among the other presentations was one by Neil Griffiths from […]

No More Surveys by 2030

2030 2029 Neujahr Jahreswechsel Schild Ortsausgang

All through January, we are featuring some “Lost Gems” from 2014 — some great posts that deserved to get wider notice than they did the first time out. Last week I posted an article looking at the decline in survey research, which included some data from ESOMAR and some predictions. This week, ESOMAR posted the […]

Determining the Future of Market Research

New MR Festival Logo

As much as our profession focuses on anticipating future behavior, actually telling the future is still a bit out of our reach. But why worry about predicting the future, when you can be a part of shaping it? Calls for submissions just closed for the upcoming NewMR Festival – a virtual event dedicated to shaping […]