Post Mortem Feedback – Literally


You probably believe in the importance of ongoing feedback. Companies have been soliciting feedback from customers and the general public for decades. And with the advent of social media it’s increasingly possible to keep your finger on the pulse of your personal social standing. Well, I’d like you to think big, folks. Why should your […]

Are QR Codes in Market Research a Fad?

Research Access QR Code

Andrew Reid of Vision Critical had an interesting perspective on QR codes during his talk at the Market Research in the Mobile World Conference in Amsterdam last week. He mentioned that he has a QR code on his business card, but he’s not sure whether to think it’s cool or be a little embarrassed. Reid […]

Check Out the Research Access QR Code Gallery

QR Code Gallery

Research Access may be the single best resource for information about how to use QR codes in market research.  Here’s a link to all our articles on those little (not always) black and white scannable codes. Now we’ve taken it a step further.  Presenting the Research Access QR Code Gallery. Because we write about QRs […]

New Data on QR Code Adoption

QR Code Baby Buggy

We at Research Access are fascinated by QR codes, and thus we are always on the lookout for new data on those little guys. As luck would have it, our friends at market research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey just conducted a really interesting investigation of consumer knowledge of and attitudes toward QR codes. I had […]

QR Too Far?

Access Toon, December 20, 2011

Here at Research Access we love QR codes. I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately.  So much so that I was inspired to draw this holiday themed cartoon imagining how I could easily go too far when it comes to those little black and white codes. I hope you enjoy it!

We’re Here, We’re QR, Get Used to It

Research Access QR Code

On a recent United Airlines flight I was reading Hemispheres, the in-flight magazine – something I am wont to do as I wait for the go-ahead to turn on my iPad. As I scanned the magazine (and read an interesting interview with comedian Amy Poehler, by the way), I noticed quite a few QR codes […]

QR Code-Enabled Mobile Surveys: An Example


                      [Editor’s Note:  this post was originally published on the Survey Analytics Blog.] My friend Scott Liang from Parametric keeps telling me – the quicker you collect feedback from the Point-of-Transaction, the better the recall and quality is. While I have absolutely no way of […]

The Intersection of QR Codes and Gamification

Earlier this week, we wrote about the current state of QR codes (or at least opinions in the current state), as well as the importance of contextual feedback and the proliferation of real-world hyperlinking. Today, Betty Adamou, editor of our sister site, has a terrific piece looking at the intersection of QR codes, gamification, […]