Fewer Than Half Know How to Protect Privacy Online

Online Privacy

The good folks at the Pew Internet & American Life Project have done it again. They have the substantial mandate to chronicle the use of the internet and technology among Americans.  As part of that responsibility they publish regular reports which do a good job of measuring various technology related phenomena – some of which […]

Exactly How Responsible Are We For Privacy?


Facebook recently entered a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission admitting all manner of fraud in its privacy policies.  The list of violations admitted are shocking enough to make the most hardened among us blush. Here is the list of violations to which Facebook admitted, from the FTC announcement. “Facebook changed its website so certain […]

The Great Data Privacy Debate: A Summary

[Editor’s Note: The  following post by Tamara Barber was originally published by and is syndicated with permission by The GreenBook Blog.] Recently, Andrew Jeavons, EVP at Survey Analytics, moderated a fascinating live debate on data privacy in market research. The virtual debate has been brewing in blogs, LinkedIn, and Twitter for some time, but a discussion paper […]

Upcoming Webinar: Taking on the Great Privacy Debate


Privacy exists at the center of the next great debate as the information age continues to evolve. More and more information, especially information of a personal nature, is being shared in public forums (from Facebook and Twitter to shopping profiles to market research studies and more.) But as more information is shared, even though it’s […]

Reputation Management and Social Media

A new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that Web users in their older teens and their 20s are more apt to guard their reputations online. By comparison, the older demographic is less privacy-concious. Pew attributes the rise in young adult reputation management to the increase in workplace policies surrounding social […]

Facebook and Other Social Media Networks Found Sending Data to Advertisers

Earlier today the Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook, Myspace, and other Social Media sites were sending data, specific user data, to the likes of Double Click, owned by Google, and Right Media, owned by Yahoo!

Facebook Backlash Sparks Transparency Tools

The continuing backlash against Facebook’s growing power on the web and its ongoing push to make its users share more data has inspired hackers to develop transparency tools that demonstrate the site’s privacy threats. You can see some of them listed here if you want to see what information is locked down and which is […]