LifeMetrix for Passive Mobile Data Collection Launched


Yesterday Survey Analytics President Andrew Jeavons, Mobile Director John Johnson and I held a webinar detailing Survey Analytics’ new service for passive mobile data collection called LifeMetrix. The webinar began with a brief recap of the rise to near-ubiquity of mobile devices. Then Andrew shared some thoughts on the challenges getting respondents to recall behavior and […]

Webinar: Introducing LifeMetrix – Passive Mobile Data for Consumer Insight


Note: This post originally appeared on the Survey Analytics blog. Survey Analytics is proud to announce the launch of LifeMetrix, a new product for passive mobile data collection. LifeMetrix gives you unprecedented vision into consumers’ daily lives by collecting moment-to-moment data from their mobile devices. Consumers have a difficult time self-reporting behavior. LifeMetrix is an opt-in solution to collect […]

Get Ready for Passive Data Collection

Cellular Tower 150

There’s a nascent methodology that’s already being used for market research. In fact, you may be a research subject without realizing it. Right now so-called “passive data collection” is primarily the domain of big technology players and technology-savvy companies, but that’s going to change in a big way. Passive data collection essentially means collecting data […]

Mobile Market Research Trends, Part 3: Passive Data Collection

passive data collection

On January 30th, 2012, Survey Analytics sponsored a webinar on Mobile Market Research Trends. The webinar was moderated by Esther LaVielle of Survey Analytics and featured Romi Mahajan, CMO of Metavana, and Chad Bhandari, co-founder of SurveySwipe. Today we bring you the full text of Part 3 of the webinar, which covered the topic of […]