Research Dispatches from the Newseum

Newseum 150

I have been visiting Washington, D.C. with my family this week, and yesterday we took in the Newseum. One of the capital’s newest and most modern museums, the Newseum is dedicated to educating the public about news and journalism. Sitting in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol next to the Canadian embassy, the Newseum building […]

What Would the News Be Without Surveys?


What would happen if you took all the survey results out of your local newspaper?  How much news would be left? As a researcher, I like to think that I take notice when news outlets use survey results as part of their reporting. The news is, of course, chock full of survey results on a […]

Zynga Goes on a Shopping Spree

We’ve been talking this past week about the growing trend of gamification, and its impact on markte research. If one needs evidence of this booming trend, they need only look to Mashable’s report earlier this week of social game studio Zynga’s acquisition of DNA Games. This makes for Zynga’s 14th acquisition in just 12 months. […]

Where’s the News?


Nearly half of American adults (49%) now get their news primarily from the internet according to an online news survey conducted by Gather, Inc. Additionally, 78% of the respondents also said that when they shared what they had learned on the news that they proliferated the story through social channels like blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc., […]