Sampling and Other Considerations for Mobile Research

In a prior post I highlighted an interesting statistic – for any given project market researchers can now expect up to 40% response on smartphones. This percentage will continue to increase. The question then becomes one of what do we know about mobile responders and can this be applied to our sampling plans? First and […]

Three keys for designing effective mobile surveys

mobile surveys

At the recent MRA Corporate Researchers Conference the training organization Research Rockstar presented a course on designing device agnostic surveys. The trend is clear that more and more surveys are being taken on smartphones and tablets. Desktop computers still account for the majority of responses, but for any given project market researchers can now expect […]

Post Mortem Feedback – Literally


You probably believe in the importance of ongoing feedback. Companies have been soliciting feedback from customers and the general public for decades. And with the advent of social media it’s increasingly possible to keep your finger on the pulse of your personal social standing. Well, I’d like you to think big, folks. Why should your […]

Mobile Internet Users Growing


Pretty much everyone has a cell phone, right? Do you know how many access the internet on their cell? How about the number who access the internet frequently? Thanks to our friends at the Pew Internet & American Life Project, we have these answers. According to their Cell Internet Use 2012 report, here are the […]