Don’t Write Off Microsoft

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Research Access is pleased to bring you the 4th episode of RomiCast with Romi Mahajan: “Don’t Write Off Microsoft.” Apple and Google are the darlings of the tech industry. But Romi argues in this episode that Microsoft should not be counted out. He should know – he worked at Microsoft for many years and still […]

Tag! You’re Mobile.

Apple’s iPhone continues to accelerate sales, Android powered phones are everywhere and now with the Nokia-Microsoft deal, you can expect tens of millions more Windows Phones in users’ hands shortly. Exciting times in the world of digital marketing, where mobile needs to be a key component of any serious campaign. The possibilities will explode going […]

Is it just me, or did Microsoft miss the point?

I’m going to go out on a limb for a bit and critique something about which I have only incomplete information. I guess that hasn’t stopped most of us in the past though. As anyone who follows happenings in the mobile world probably knows by now, Microsoft has just launched their new Windows Phone 7 […]

Check your Microsoft Hohm energy efficiency score

Microsoft has released its new Hohm Scores service, which is a database cataloging the energy efficiency of 60 million homes in the United States. You can plug in your home address and easily check your energy consumption and compare it to others around the nation.