Maximum Difference Scaling Provides Better Importance Data

balance scale

On October 28, Survey Analytics provided a glimpse behind the curtain into a not so new technique for getting into the mind of the respondent. We have long used rating scales to get at what consumers and prospects see as important, yet this approach is fraught with peril. This is where maximum difference scaling comes […]

Free Webinar: Why You Need to Use MaxDifference (MaxDiff) Scaling of Importance

Hey folks- We wanted to give you a head’s up on another free webinar coming up next week, on Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 at 9AM Pacific (12noon Eastern). This webinar, covering the MaxDiff Scaling method, will be presented by our own Nico Peruzzi. Register for free here: And here’s a description of the event: Maximum […]

Research TV : Max-Diff Scaling


Research TV : Max-Diff Scaling Dr. Nico Peruzzi (@NicoPeruzziPhD) from Outsource Research Consulting has put together a very informative video on Max-Diff Scaling. Max-Diff Scaling is a simple (yet relatively powerful) technique for users to determine what is “truly” important, and for that matter what is NOT important for a user. For too long, we’ve […]