Research Industry Index (RII) Stands Strong at 101

a pair of spectacles on an industry chart

Sustaining an index score of 100 or higher for 6 straight quarters, it appears the MR industry has recovered from the recession. The 28th quarterly wave of the Research Industry Index (RII) – the Marketing Research Association’s (MRA) tracking study of the economic health of the U.S. marketing research industry – has held at 100 […]

Triple-S Provides a Survey Interchange Standard

Video devices  with connected  cables

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Stephen Jenkins, a founding member of the Triple-S Group and, in his day job, managing director of Snap Surveys. He brought me up to date on the Triple-S Group’s work. Q: What is the Triple-S standard? A: The goal of the Triple-S standard is to define a […]

An Interview with Howard Fienberg About Sugging

Howard Fienberg, PLC

One of the pleasures of volunteering on the Board of the Marketing Research Association (MRA) has been the opportunity to get to know Howard better. Howard Fienberg, PLC is the director of government affairs for the MRA and champions the needs of the industry to federal and state agencies and departments. I recently had the […]

Research Industry Index Matches Benchmark

a pair of spectacles on an industry chart

The 26th wave of the Research Industry Index (RII) – Marketing Research Association’s (MRA) quarterly study to track the health of the marketing research industry in the U.S. – continues to show improved levels. For the first time since the inception of this study, the RII has sustained a score of 100 or higher for […]