Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Blog


After you’ve been blogging for a few months, it’s a good idea to take a step back, examine what’s worked, and refine your blogging strategy. Especially if you have only recently begun blogging, it’s important to frequently review your strategy and successes, to make sure that you are progressing toward your goals. This can be […]

Does Influence Really Matter?

Author’s Note: This article originally appeared on the AMEX Open Forum blog —  I wrote it to get people to seriously think about authority and influence. I’ve been thinking a lot about influence lately.  It seems that I’m not the only one.  Influence isn’t just for celebrities any more.  Small business has gotten into the game as […]

The Dilemma of Social Media Measurement


[Editor’s Note: The  following post by Michael Wolfe was originally published by and is syndicated with permission by The GreenBook Blog.] Everyone with any sense of what is going on in the field of marketing right now knows that there is almost a mad frenzy about social media, the likes of which we have seldom seen. In […]

Gaining Clarity in Digital Marketing

I just participated in a three day conference on Digital marketing which was attended by several digital agencies and thought leaders with good vantage points into this emerging space. Interestingly, at the end of three days it became very clear that things are not very clear. Multiple definitions exist concerning what digital marketing is, who […]

Q1 E-commerce Spending Rises 10%

US retail e-commerce spending neared $34 billion in Q1 2010, according to data from comScore. comScore estimates indicate that US retail e-commerce spending from home, work and university locations totaled $33.98 billion in Q1 2010. This represents a 10% increase from $31.03 billion in Q1 2009 and a 13% decrease from $39.05 billion in Q4 […]

Consumers Skeptical of Overdraft Protection

A new Harris poll results indicates that more than half of consumers are unlikely to opt in with married women and moms most likely to opt in. Overall the banks need to make more efforts to educate consumers about changes in overdraft regulations.

Gartner’s smartphone market statistics

Gartner’s smartphone market numbers shows Symbian at 44% of market share with RIM at 19% with the iPhone OS at 15%. Looks like Microsoft has a long road ahead. Get the full numbers here…

Netbook Shipments Could Hit 58 Million in 2010, Says ABI

However they predict that the presence of new tablets like the Apple iPad and the upcoming Hurricane by HP and will fragment the netbook market.

U.S. Internet ad spending to increase 10.8% this year

New report from Research firm eMarketer said Monday that it has revised its forecast for U.S. Internet ad spending upward to 10.8% growth this year compared with 2009.

Web Users Receive 1.1T Display Ads

US web users received 1.08 trillion online display ads in Q1 2010, according to comScore AdMetrix data. Social networking site led all online publishers during Q1 2010 with 176 billion display ad impressions, representing 16.2% market share. It looks like social media is indeed an industry at this point.