Keep It Simple and Keep It Fun!

On June 10, 2015 the researchers from Marketing Experiments presented data that should serve as a good reminder to us all – do not ignore the simple changes in favor of more complex solutions. Sometimes going for complexity takes us away from our ultimate goals – in this case to maximize conversion. The first experiment […]

Aligning Your Marketing with Customer Desire

Hands with gloves on spirit level outdoor construction

The team at Marketing Experiments took on the concept of conversion in this month’s webinar. Their goal for the webinar was to present empirical evidence of the positive benefit derived from aligning our marketing message, and the display for that messaging, with the consumer’s wants and underlying motivations. Four questions were posed that when answered […]

Incorporating Video into Your Mobile Strategy

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On March 19, 2015, the researchers from Marketing Experiments shared cutting-edge insight on the use of video as a means of increasing mobile conversion. Mobile is increasing in importance in the media mix: without proper insight, it runs a high risk of being an expensive proposition without direction. According to data from the Pew Research […]

An Experiment to Improve Email Click-Through Rates

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On November 12, the analysts at Marketing Experiments presented results from a recent experiment that showed it was possible to improve click-through rates by leveraging design changes to the outbound email. The product under consideration was a home music system. The control featured a soft approach which downplayed the product and showed a happy and […]

Oil Your Marketing Gears to Reduce Conversion Friction

Hands of mechanic, who lubricates car engine © Pavel Losevsky -

On October 8, the “mechanics” at Marketing Experiments taught us a lesson that auto enthusiasts embrace – for optimal engine performance. we need to reduce the friction between moving parts. Just as oil is the blood of an engine, and has the major purpose of making parts move easier, marketing communications greases the passage of […]

To Increase Leads, See Your Offer Through Your Customers’ Eyes

Optician or optometrist consulting a customer about eyeglasses, spectacles and frames in a shop

In a recent webinar, Marketing Experiments once again opened their vault of test-and-learn scenarios and brought out an excellent example of how content can be structured to increase lead conversion. The test case in this presentation was a B2B company selling thermal image cameras. The goal was simple…increase the number of leads. The test design […]