5 Websites to Make You a Better Market Researcher


In order to excel, market researchers today need to have knowledge beyond that provided by our industry peers, associations and publications.  It is a well-rounded understanding from different perspectives that leads to the kind of creative thinking and risk-taking that is necessary in the face of rapid technology-induced changes in society. In that spirit, let [...]

An Interview with Yarin Negri of Intlock

Yarin Negri

I recently had the chance to sit down and speak with Yarin Negri, Director of Marketing at marketing automation software company Intlock. In this interview we dive deep into web analytics, and we discuss Intlock’s use of integrated survey questions in their technology tool. Dana Stanley: Good afternoon, Yarin. Please tell me in a nutshell [...]

Market Research Skills of the Future

Crystal Ball 150

What are the market research skills of the future? Jason Anderson of Blizzard Entertainment (a.k.a. @dirkgently on Twitter) had an interesting, and, I think, telling piece of advice during his talk at last week’s Market Research in the Mobile World conference in Cincinnati. By way of background, Jason’s talk was entitled “A Technologist’s Research Manifesto.” [...]

Can We Ascribe Motivation?

Human brain and colorful question mark

In research we combine the science of data with the art of storytelling to guide our clients. I’m wondering about something, though. Good storytellers help the audience understand the inner mental states of the characters in the story.  It is well known that humans crave tidy explanations of complicated phenomena; if a parsimonious story does [...]

Think Twice About Trusting Facebook Profile Data for Research

Pinocchio Facebook 150

Thinking about doing a survey among Facebook users? Great idea! There’s lots of this type of research going on these days. You can connect your survey to Facebook. Or your company may have a Facebook app, perhaps giving you the opportunity to combine profile data with a custom survey. The specific method of using Facebook profile data [...]

Youth Versus Experience, Which Would You Prefer?

Old Young

I am asking this question in terms of a client looking at a supplier, not simply asking if you would rather be young than older. The Research Mafia event in Leeds on 14 June saw a spirited debate between youth (represented by Rosy Goodrick from Opinion Leader and Betty Adamou, founder of Research through Gaming) [...]

The Life of a Media Researcher


One of our goals here at Research Access is to share the stories of research practitioners so that others can enjoy learning about – and learning from – their experiences. Earlier this week I shared an interview with Elizabeth McLaughlin of the Virginia Tourism Corporation. Today I’m sharing a recent interview I did with Jim Multari, [...]

10 Attempts to Rebrand Market Research


In market research we live day to day in the world of branding. Yet we do not always apply to ourselves the very lessons we help our clients understand. Sometimes I wonder about the brand “market research.”  When we call ourselves “market researchers,” what does that mean to our clients (both internal and external)? Are [...]

3 Ways to Use Pinterest for Marketing Research

Pinterest Logo

Folks around the web have been dubbing Pinterest as this year’s social media site to watch. This is propelled by the sudden growth in users and talk of how businesses have seen considerable referral traffic from the site. Brands like Whole Foods, Land’s End and Etsy have set up profiles and amassed tens of thousands of followers [...]

Logos Quiz: The Future of Market Research?


What if you were a marketing executive for a global brand, and I told you I had collected benchmark feedback from thousands of consumers on the top brands in the world, including yours and your competitors’? Would I have your attention? Thanks to my son, I recently became aware of an ingenious app called Logos Quiz [...]