The Market Research Event 2012 – The Idea Distillery

The Market Research Event - Idea Distillery

While attending the The Market Research Event 2012 conference in November, I heard a series of talks that changed the way I saw the world of insights, both people and process included. The conference helped me develop a concept I call an idea distillery. One of the best talks was lead by Brett Townsend, Director of Insights […]

Who Needs to Do Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

There are virtually unlimited possibilities for conducting – and taking – customer satisfaction surveys, now that surveys and mobile, hence completely untethered. I thoroughly enjoyed Antoine Déroche’s post on about customer satisfaction surveys in Singapore. He shared an example of a well-placed survey – above the toilets in Singapore’s Changi airport, with the simple admonition: […]

The Market Research Event 2012 – More Pioneers, More Tough Questions


While attending The Market Research Event in November, I heard several talks that inspired me to look at the bigger picture of what research and marketing can be. One of those sessions was lead by Columbia Records’ Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Elliot Lum. The question he posed was quite simple. Can we distill the power […]

Millennials Are Growing Up

agues holding each other and laughi

Editor’s Note: Today I’m pleased to introduce a new Research Access author: Gayle Vogel, Vice President at Edge Research, a full service marketing research firm that specializes in connecting research results with actionable insights. We’ve been conducting generational research for years, capturing the emotional and rational thought processes that motivate individuals along the life stage continuum.  […]

Big Data and Market Research

Big Data

Survey Analytics President and Research Access contributor Andrew Jeavons gave a talk about Big Data and Market Research on Tuesday, November 6th to the  Northwest Chapter of the Marketing Research Association. Courtesy of Andrew and the Northwest MRA, here is a video of his presentation and the associated slides. Enjoy!

When Worlds Collide: The Growing Responsibility of Data Ambassadors

Worlds Collide

A few years back I attended a meeting where a very large company’s social media director was giving a presentation on their methods, findings, and plans for the future of social. After the presentation, a few of us stuck around to shoot the breeze and network a bit. I struck up a conversation with the […]

A History of Anonymous Market Research Twitter Addresses


Once upon a time, there was only one anonymous market research Twitter address. Way back in January of 2009, someone, who to my knowledge remains anonymous, created a Twitter address called @MRHeretic and posted this tweet: Not everyone believes in the value of the net. — mr heretic (@mrheretic) January 24, 2009 MRHeretic also […]

10 Proposed Market Research Hashtags


As those who follow the market research conversation on Twitter know, there are quite a few hashtags used by the industry Twitterati. Some of the more common include: #MRX: Market Research #NGMR: Next Generation Market Research #NewMR: New Market Research #ESOMAR (or any industry association): Association-specific hashtag Sometimes I think it all gets to be […]

5 Websites to Make You a Better Market Researcher


In order to excel, market researchers today need to have knowledge beyond that provided by our industry peers, associations and publications.  It is a well-rounded understanding from different perspectives that leads to the kind of creative thinking and risk-taking that is necessary in the face of rapid technology-induced changes in society. In that spirit, let […]

An Interview with Yarin Negri of Intlock

Yarin Negri

I recently had the chance to sit down and speak with Yarin Negri, Director of Marketing at marketing automation software company Intlock. In this interview we dive deep into web analytics, and we discuss Intlock’s use of integrated survey questions in their technology tool. Dana Stanley: Good afternoon, Yarin. Please tell me in a nutshell […]