7 learnings from the Super Bowl XLV (2011) Mobile Ethnography

Kristin Schwitzer of Beacon Research has a great write-up over on the Green Book Blog about the lessons learned from the recent Super Bowl XLV Mobile Ethnography study. The study was conducted using the SurveySwipe mobile data collection platform we’ve been discussing (see our post about the study conducted during the State of the Union). […]

What Will Consumer Behavior Teach us on Cyber Monday?


As we experience “Cyber Monday” (the online edition of Black Friday, considered one of the busiest online shopping days of the year), we consider the recent release of a compilation and analysis of current studies by Mintel implies that businesses should remain cautious as the economy continues to recover from this most recent recession. Top […]

Collecting Data on Mobile Platforms

Last week, Research Access contributor Vivek Bhaskaran told us why he thinks that paper surveys are dead. His point (as always) was spot-on: the prolific spread and decreasing cost of mobile devices, combined with the benefits we get from collecting data in electronic form (ease of collection, immediate analysis, the list goes on…), means it […]

Wal-Mart Dropping iPhone to $97

Starting Tuesday, Wal-Mart will be selling the popular iPhone 16GB 3GS for $97. Currently this iPhone model is selling for $199. The $97 deal requires a two-year service contract with AT&T. The dip in price could represent a hope to clear inventory and preserve sales in the lead-up to the debut of the newest iPhone […]