Mobile Data Visualization and Analytics

Mobile Data Visualization and Analytics

The mobile revolution is enabling more creative and useful ways of interacting with data. Touch-screen technology is allowing users to manipulate data right on their iPad, Android tablet, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note, Kindle Fire devices and more. Now users can access advanced analytics with beautifully visualized data on their mobile devices. On January 24th, Greg […]

Using iPads to Survey Amusement Park Visitors

SurveyPocketScreenShot 150

Like many companies, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company had traditionally done surveys the old-fashioned way – with paper, pencil and clipboards.  Mike Iott, Cedar Fair’s Market Research Manager, had to hand-create 12 reports monthly, one for each of Cedar Fair’s regional amusement parks. This year Mike successfully transitioned Cedar Fair’s in-park survey program from paper to […]

Webinar: Mobile Field Data Collection on iPads and Tablets Using SurveyPocket


It’s no secret that iPads and other tablet computers are changing the way people interact and communicate. Did you know they are also changing the way we collect data? In market research, many field teams are replacing pencil and paper with electronic tablet devices. Others are evaluating their options for doing so. Have you heard […]

Think Beyond iPad for Tablet Surveys


Researchers, when you read about companies equipping their employees with iPads, I know you’re dreaming about beautiful, feature-rich, touch-based surveys for the B2B market.  In fact, this type of tablet-based survey is already being done today by the likes of SurveyPocket and others. You need to start thinking beyond just the iPad, though.  The corporate […]

Game Over. Let the Tablet Surveys Begin.


There’s some stunning new data on tablet computer and e-reader adoption in the U.S. from our friends at the Pew Internet & American Life Project. According to the center’s director, Lee Rainie, “the share of adults in the United States who own tablet computers nearly doubled from 10% to 19% between mid-December and early January”.  E-reader […]

iPads! Get Yer iPads Here!

Stack of iPads

[Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on the SurveyPocket blog.] SurveyPocket is such an awesome system for mobile field data collection, that we wish any researcher could use it anytime they’d like. However, the sad reality is that some projects require more than just a couple of tablet devices. Not everybody has a stack of […]

Are iPads and Tablets redefining enterprise productivity?

I want to share two anecdotal stories around how I came to understand that tablets, driven by the iPad, are not just consumer devices that let my 3 year old play Angry Birds, but rather are finding their way into the enterprise and the small business eco-system. Montessori School My 3 year old daughter goes […]

Ten ways the iPad will radically change market research


[Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on Frankie’s blog, Research Arts in September 2010. It is republished here with permission. Be sure to check out for Frankie’s continuing coverage of the impact of the tablet computing on the market research industry.] Less than a year since its introduction, millions of iPads have been sold. […]

Paper Surveys are Finally Dead

This is a bold prediction, but I think I can make it safely: the iPad will change the Field Survey business forever by killing the paper survey once and for all. I recently penned my thoughts on this topic in Research Magazine. Here is my synopsis: Field Surveys / Mall Intercept is needed – 75% of […]

It’s the Latest Craze


This Forrester report calls it “tablet mania;”the current rush of technology innovators that are developing the next great “pad.” With Apple reporting over 3.27 million iPads sold in a single quarter, it’s no wonder that folks like HP, Toshiba, and Samsung are racing to get a slice of the pie. Notably, many of the products […]