The Great Data Privacy Debate: A Summary

[Editor’s Note: The  following post by Tamara Barber was originally published by and is syndicated with permission by The GreenBook Blog.] Recently, Andrew Jeavons, EVP at Survey Analytics, moderated a fascinating live debate on data privacy in market research. The virtual debate has been brewing in blogs, LinkedIn, and Twitter for some time, but a discussion paper […]

Resources from Market Research University


A few weeks ago, we told you about Market Research University – an all-day, online market research training session run by Kathryn Korostoff of Research Rockstar. The event took place entirely on Twitter; you may have followed along with the hashtag #MRXU. In case you weren’t able to attend, though, Kathryn and the participating “professors” were gracious enough to have […]

Upcoming Webinar: Taking on the Great Privacy Debate


Privacy exists at the center of the next great debate as the information age continues to evolve. More and more information, especially information of a personal nature, is being shared in public forums (from Facebook and Twitter to shopping profiles to market research studies and more.) But as more information is shared, even though it’s […]