Mobile Market Research Trends, Part 4: HTML5


On January 30th, 2012, Survey Analytics sponsored a webinar on Mobile Market Research Trends. The webinar was moderated by Esther LaVielle of Survey Analytics and featured Romi Mahajan, CMO of Metavana, and Chad Bhandari, co-founder of SurveySwipe. Today we bring you the full text of Part 4 of the webinar, which covered the topic of […]

SurveySwipe Launches HTML5 Version of Mobile Survey Platform

SurveySwipe Logo HTML5

[Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on the SurveySwipe blog] It’s a new year, and a whole new chapter is beginning: we are proud to announce the release of the HTML5 version of SurveySwipe. This is going to change everything, folks! With this release SurveySwipe’s powerful mobile survey platform is no longer locked into […]