Market Research Jobs are Changing

Market Research Jobs are Changing

Market research jobs are changing. Gone are the days when you attended business school with a major in marketing, or got a Master’s degree in statistics, psychology or econometrics. Gone are the days when you had formal training, on the job or off. Gone are the days when Fortune 1000 companies employed people for decades. […]

Career Development: Reinventing the Job Interview from the Interviewers Perspective

Apparently I am thinking a lot about hiring these days! In my last post, I talked about hiring an executive assistant (happy to report Ronald is still kicking butt while I sleep, and my productivity is up over 300%) and this week I want to talk to you about another insidious time waster for marketing […]

Free Webinar: How to Use Online Survey Tools to Hire a Diverse Workforce

The beauty of market research is how broadly its power can be applied – to learn about customers, to gather feedback about existing products or services, to test the market capacity for a new product, and more. When we introduce new market research techniques, including online survey tools, the application potential continues to increase. Join Personified, a […]