Interview with Bev Godwin of the US General Services Administration


Continuing our series of interviews from the Government 2.0 Summit, we spoke with Bev Godwin, Director of New Media and Citizen Engagement for the US General Services Administration (found on Twitter at Bev sat down to talk with us about ways the GSA is providing new social media-based research and feedback tools to agencies […]

Interview with Haley VanDyck – Director of Citizen Engagement, FCC

Continuing our series of interview from the Government 2.0 Summit, we sat down with Haley VanDyck. Haley is the Director of Citizen Engagement for the Federal Communications Commission, and she spoke with us about ways that the FCC is using social media technologies like crowdsourcing to engage with citizens and collect public comments on new regulation (see […]

Gov 2.0: The Next Internet Boom

The Gov 2.0 Expo just wrapped up in Washington D.C. today with the White House urging federal agencies to make statistical data and other information available to the public, the Internet’s next big opportunity may be tapping that information to boost government transparency, efficiency, and responsiveness. On their end the government has partnered with companies, […]