Foursquare: The Rock Stars of Location

Foursquare Logo

At a conference about the technology of location in the most tech-savvy city in the world, there is really one company that’s “where it’s at.” It’s not Facebook or Google.  It’s Foursquare. Don’t get me wrong.  Facebook and Google have a really impressive presence here at the Where Conference.  They’re doing incredible things in location. […]

How To: Use Google Suggest for Market Research


Recently, I was amused by the site It’s a site that shows Google Suggest results and pokes fun at the suggestions generated by Google users. The results range from “My hair is a bird your argument is invalid” (generated by the suggestion “my hair” to several variations on “is it impossible to lick your […]

YouTube Leads Online Video

Internet users continue to spend more and more time surfing online video. comScore released the results of their May 2010 U.S. Online Video Rankings which showed that 183 million U.S internet users watched some form of online video over the course of May. It also showed that YouTube (among other Google properties) accounted for 43.5% […]

Google’s Pac-Man Logo Costs Society $120,483,800 in Productivity

When Google recently changed it’s logo to a playable game of Pac-Man, time management tool RescueTime did the math and determined that it consumed 4,819,352 hours of time, or $120,483,800 in productivity. That sure is a lot of wasted man power.

How Much is a Google Top Spot Worth?

Chitika, a search-based online advertising network, says in a report that top rankings on Google is worth double the traffic of ranking in the number 2 spot. You can find all the numbers here…

7 unanswered questions about Google TV

On Thursday at the Google I/O conference the company announced their Google TV platform. It’s a technology that will be built into TVs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, and other devices that will allow people to do things like use Google Search to find videos from the Web and whoever your channel service provider is, as […]

Facebook and Other Social Media Networks Found Sending Data to Advertisers

Earlier today the Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook, Myspace, and other Social Media sites were sending data, specific user data, to the likes of Double Click, owned by Google, and Right Media, owned by Yahoo!