Getting Closer to the Youth Market


On March 25, 2015, ESOMAR took time to promote their upcoming summer academy. Part of the festival of learning will include deeper insights into cross-generational branding. Joeri Van den Bergh, of InSites Consulting, and author of the book How Cool Brands Stay Hot, provided a first glance at the topic. Millennials, or those presently aged […]

No More Surveys by 2030

2030 2029 Neujahr Jahreswechsel Schild Ortsausgang

All through January, we are featuring some “Lost Gems” from 2014 — some great posts that deserved to get wider notice than they did the first time out. Last week I posted an article looking at the decline in survey research, which included some data from ESOMAR and some predictions. This week, ESOMAR posted the […]

Why do clients and agencies only rarely use the ‘best’ method?


I am writing this post from the ESOMAR 3D conference, in Amsterdam. I am hearing a range of presentations, some great, some OK, some applicable, and some theoretical. One question that keeps being asked is ‘Why do people not use the best method?’, for example by combining online and offline ethnography, or by using a […]