4 Helpful Tips for Better Survey Responses

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There was an instructive exchange in my recent interview with behavioral economist Dan Ariely. I asked him about how to apply lessons from his recent book, “The Honest Truth About Dishonesty,” to the world of commercial survey research. Could we apply some of those lessons to the way we structure the survey-taking task in order […]

Dan Ariely on Keeping Respondents (and Researchers) Honest

Dan Ariely

Last week I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Dan Ariely, who is one of the leading thinkers in the field of behavioral economics – a discipline that is becoming increasingly relevant to market research. I asked Professor Ariely a number of questions about his new book, “The Honest Truth About Dishonesty,” and he told […]

The Honest Truth About Respondent Dishonesty

The Honest Truth about Dishonesty

Anyone involved in survey research today should keep abreast of the lessons of behavioral economics. However, it can be challenging at best to keep up on the latest academic research. Luckily for us, Dan Ariely, one of the luminaries of behavioral economics, has written several books that are accessible and highly entertaining guides to the […]