Perfection Versus Correction

Hotel Bell 150

A Tale of Two Hotels What is the most important component for building customer loyalty? I don’t purport to hold the answer, and I can recite at least a score of pleasant-sounding theories that are popular in marketing circles. But on a recent vacation in Japan, I was confronted with a powerful example of something […]

Customer Service – At What Cost?


Or, at what point do you fire your customer? This is not meant to be a provocative or even rhetorical question. It’s a question worth pondering for anyone that is in a customer facing role in an organization, or has the power to make decisions about how the company works with their customers, prioritizes them […]

The Role of Customer Service

Every marketer wants customer loyalty, even brand evangelism, but it seems that one of the key factors in achieving these goals is providing quality customer service. According to the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer, consumers will spend 9% more than the average on companies with excellent customer service. However, customer service isn’t just knowledgeable […]