Mobile Research Overcomes Fading Affect Bias

Mobile research at Dunkin' Donuts

At the annual one-day conference of the New England chapter of the Marketing Research Association Wednesday, Amit Ghosh of the Forbes Consulting Group discussed the need for “in the moment” mobile market research. A key imperative driving mobile research is Fading Affect Bias, Amit said. “Time heals all wounds, and that’s a problem. The Fading […]

How to Ensure a Great Customer Experience: Keep it Simple

Flowers on Table - OpenTable

In my previous post, I sang the praises of OpenTable, the online restaurant reservation service that I believe has helped both diner and restaurant by establishing such an easily managed relationship between the two. I’m still praising OpenTable, but this time around, I’d also like to offer the company a gentle admonition: Stick to what […]

A Good Experience Leads to Loyalty


According to an article by Mediapost author Gary Leopold, most customers have had their fill of points. Loyalty Programs that have so-long based their system on points-based rewards may have to change their focus. Leopold quotes USA Today research stating that “there are over 17 trillion unredeemed frequent flyer miles (with a real value of […]