5 Things to Think About When It Comes To Innovation Incentives

Innovation - Light Bulb

There is much discussion about community engagement when it comes to the business of innovation and idea management. But one of the things that it seems like there is not enough discussion of is the incentivization of the innovation process. There are numerous ways to reward participants when it comes to making improvements to businesses, […]

Join IdeaScale at Crowdopolis


Crowdsourcing has been an official dictionary word since 2011 and an effective network intelligence concept for far longer than that. But the proliferation of new and different tools, capabilities, and opportunities keeps offering as many questions as answers. The Daily Crowdsource has created its own resource in response to this reality: Crowdopolis. IdeaScale will be […]

Customer Collaboration and Customer Centricity


Last week, IdeaScale hosted an open webinar on the subject of customer collaboration. The speakers included senior solutions expert Tatjana Walter of SAP and Rob Hoehn, CEO and co-founder of IdeaScale. The discussion ranged across a number of topics and themes common to most network intelligence and product research discussions but everything was brought to […]

Kony 2012: Respect the Power of the Crowd


If you’ve been paying attention over the past few days, I’ll bet you’ve heard about the YouTube video “Kony 2012.”  If you have a teenager, I’d say the odds are 99% or higher that you know about it. The video, which has gone viral in a big way this week, is on one level a […]

Are Market Research Tools an Alternative for Social Media Haters?

Social Media has been around for a number of  years now, yet many CEOs just don’t see the point.  Most of them leave the social media activities to the marketing folks in their organization. In a post on DIYMarketers, we explore the idea the some of today’s newest, coolest market research methods can actually be a […]

Can You Crowdsource Social Good?

Make a wish

Why not end the work week on an up-beat note? Mashable has an article this morning entitled, “Can Crowdsourcing Make Any Dream Come True?” In it, they explore the idea of crowdsourcing social good with a look at the site Wish Upon a Hero. The site allows anybody to post a “wish,” the content of which […]

Looking Ahead: What’s Out

Way back when (all the way back to about two months ago), we did a series of posts looking back at the past year in market research, and more importantly, looking ahead to what’s likely to change. Our favorite post among the series highlighted a project by Kathryn Korostoff of Research Rockstar, wherein she applied one […]

Mobile Polling of the State of the Union

Tomorrow night, President Barack Obama will deliver his State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress. Every major political event, but especially a presidential address, is always soon followed by a slew of polling information conducted by media outlets, analyst firms, and so on. We’ll hear news stories that tell us how […]

Using Twitter for Market Research


Microsoft fans and geeks alike know (and sometimes even love) blogger Robert Scoble and his blog, Scobleizer. I follow him with a passing interest on Twitter, but was struck by two recent tweets which I think hint at an opportunity for market researchers. Here are those tweets: From: @Scobleizer Sent: Dec 14, 2010 1:11p How […]

Looking Ahead: Alternative Modes of Collection

We told you last week about the Market Research Trends IdeaScale instance set up by Kathryn Korostoff of Research Rockstar. The site provides a crowdsourcing approach to identifying trends in market research over the coming year. Later, we took a look at one of the trends posted for discussion – the “insourcing” of market research, wherein […]