The Market Research Event 2012 – Why Marketing Conferences Matter

Why Marketing Conferences Matter

While attending The Market Research Event in November, I heard several talks that inspired me to look at the bigger picture of what research and marketing could be. What a great conference it was, truly an event to remember. I thought I would end this short series of TMRE posts by sharing some thoughts on why conferences […]

Look in the Mirror but Not at Your Reflection

Broken Mirror

I have been to many of the traditional market research conferences over the years. I’m talking about the events put on by IIR, MRA, CASRO and the like. As anyone who has attended more than a few of this group of conferences knows, there is a cast of “usual suspects” that seems to be at […]

Updates from the Technology Driven Market Research Conference

Earlier this week, the Technology Driven Market Research event was held in Chicago. Topics included new mobile research tools, neuroscience platforms, social media analytics and other market research technologies that help capture real time consumer insights. Among many talented speakers were Research Access contributors Leonard Murphy (editor of the Green Book Blog) and Vivek Bhaskaran […]