How Crowdsourcing is used at FEMA

One of the most interesting and seemingly impactful uses of crowdsourcing technology seems to be taking place within governments. (We’ve talked about this before with Bev Godwin of the GSA and  Haley VanDyck of the FCC.) Recently, Craig Fugate, Administrator of the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) posted to the White House Blog about […]

How to Use Crowd Sourcing Tools to Enhance or Replace Focus Groups

School of Fish

Focus groups are probably the most important, yet most overlooked component of a market research plan.  Having a group of people in a room where you can watch their body language and watch their subtle reaction to questions, topics and situations is priceless when it comes to deciding which directions you will take with your market […]

Interview with Bev Godwin of the US General Services Administration


Continuing our series of interviews from the Government 2.0 Summit, we spoke with Bev Godwin, Director of New Media and Citizen Engagement for the US General Services Administration (found on Twitter at Bev sat down to talk with us about ways the GSA is providing new social media-based research and feedback tools to agencies […]