MRA Working to Defend an Accurate U.S. Census

2014 Census Test

Recent news from Congress… House Guts Census Funding For FY2015 What Happened: Before passing legislation to fund the Census Bureau and dozens of other federal agencies in Fiscal Year 2015, the House of Representatives indiscriminately sliced and diced the Census budget. It included only $973 million for the Census Bureau, an amount likely insufficient to […]

U.S. Census Director Robert Groves: Exclusive Research Access Interview

Dr. Robert Groves

I am very pleased and proud to present the Research Access interview of Dr. Robert Groves, Director of the U.S. Census. I conducted the interview on-site at the Census Bureau headquarters on May 23rd. I would like to thank Dr. Groves as well as staff members at the Bureau who made this interview possible.  Here’s […]

Submit Your Questions for Census Director Robert Groves (And Win an Amazon Gift Card!)

Dr. Robert Groves

I have some exciting news. Our humble blog has been granted an exclusive interview with the U.S. Census Director, Dr. Robert Groves. The videotaped interview will take place this Wednesday, May 23rd, at the headquarters of the Census Bureau in Suitland, Maryland. Conducting this interview is a great way for us to continue the mission […]

You’re No Statesman, Daniel Webster

2 Daniel Websters

Legend has it there was a time in the history of the United States Congress when great statesmen debated the issues of the day. 19th Century Massachusetts Senator Daniel Webster is considered by historians to be one of the greatest statesmen in the history of the United States Congress. Today we have another Daniel Webster […]

U.S. Census Moves Toward Online Data Collection

Census Bureau Logo

For those of us who make our living in commercial market research, the United States Census Bureau is an august bastion of methodological rigor. The agency has been led since 2009 by a highly respected academic and leader in the field of survey methodology and social research, Dr. Robert Groves. (Anyone who knows Dr. Groves […]