Market Research Skills of the Future

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What are the market research skills of the future? Jason Anderson of Blizzard Entertainment (a.k.a. @dirkgently on Twitter) had an interesting, and, I think, telling piece of advice during his talk at last week’s Market Research in the Mobile World conference in Cincinnati. By way of background, Jason’s talk was entitled “A Technologist’s Research Manifesto.” […]

Conclusive Advice – A Poem


If you are in the population of researchers You have an incentive To verify that your attitude toward & usage of data Is normal Yet exploratory And your words have validity Lest you receive no callbacks And find non-response To your interviews For a job Test this concept – Here is a sample Of advice […]

Kristin Luck on Women in Research

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Living in Los Angeles in 2007, Kristin Luck had a conversation over cocktails with a group of other women working in market research. They quickly found they agreed on the need for women in the market research profession to support one another. The result was a networking group for LA-area women in market research called […]



A much used word but not practiced often enough in business, accountability is the simple act of taking responsibility for your actions. In a casual discussion with someone over a drink today, we were laughing over the phrase “success has many fathers while failure is an orphan” in the context of a program that several […]

Career Development: Reinventing the Job Interview from the Interviewers Perspective

Apparently I am thinking a lot about hiring these days! In my last post, I talked about hiring an executive assistant (happy to report Ronald is still kicking butt while I sleep, and my productivity is up over 300%) and this week I want to talk to you about another insidious time waster for marketing […]