10 Attempts to Rebrand Market Research


In market research we live day to day in the world of branding. Yet we do not always apply to ourselves the very lessons we help our clients understand. Sometimes I wonder about the brand “market research.”  When we call ourselves “market researchers,” what does that mean to our clients (both internal and external)? Are […]

Brand Reinvention: Not Your Daddy’s Old Spice

Old Spice Original.

Growing up, many of us recall the fragrance Old Spice that our dads wore. For some 71 years, Old Spice has been a staple on the shelves of mass market retailers and drug stores. In order to stay relevant, Old Spice has evolved into the digital age. With an ambitious YouTube media campaign and a […]

It’s the Latest Craze


This Forrester report calls it “tablet mania;”the current rush of technology innovators that are developing the next great “pad.” With Apple reporting over 3.27 million iPads sold in a single quarter, it’s no wonder that folks like HP, Toshiba, and Samsung are racing to get a slice of the pie. Notably, many of the products […]

Brand Loyalty in a Recession

The panic around the recession may be diminishing, but another entity that is currently diminishing is brand loyalty. Despite the improved economic climate, consumers continue to be even more choosy about where they spend their dollars. A study by comScore shows that this trend isn’t limited to low-priced household goods, but also bigger ticket items. […]