Avoiding Confirmation Bias

woman looking in mirror

One of the key skills in the sphere of market research and consumer insights is avoiding bias in the research. As we know, bias is a result of subjectivity. It’s the personal subjective lens used to view the world and is often based on certain intrinsic parts of character (gender, race, age, etc.) as well […]

What Birtherism Teaches Us About Polling

Though in the past few days, given the death of Osama bin Laden, the news cycle has dramatically changed, I still wanted to draw your attention to a recent article in The Atlantic concerning the “birther” debate. Speaking for myself, and not Research Access, I feel the need to point out that I would normally […]

Cross-cultural Market Research

There are two posts, both by Greg Timpany over at cvent, that I’d like to draw your attention to today. Both posts are on the subject of conducting cross-cultural market research; a topic which I think we all (most of us, at least) need to learn a great deal more about. The first: Likert Scales in […]

The Impact of Moving Offline Surveys Online

We’ve been talking a lot recently about alternative approaches to data collection, including the rapidly growing use of tools like social media and mobile devices. We just posted yesterday about the prediction made by Vaughn Mordecai that these alternative approaches will finely see mainstream traction in 2011. But while we’re pretty sure this is going […]