How Samsung Outflanked Apple Using Social Media Research

Apple iPhone Dueling Samsung Galaxy

An excellent case study demonstrating the value of social media research has emerged from an unlikely source: the Apple vs. Samsung patent dispute. Documents shared as part of the court case reveal some fascinating information about how the two companies were thinking about social data in 2013. It shouldn’t still bear saying in 2014, but […]

So Apple Does Market Research After All


Slashdot recently posted some interesting information about Apple’s market research: “Apple Comes Clean, Admits To Doing Market Research.” So, Apple does market research after all. The fact that Apple does surveys was the worst-kept secret in market research. I know a number of companies that have helped them with research over the years, and a […]

Think Beyond iPad for Tablet Surveys


Researchers, when you read about companies equipping their employees with iPads, I know you’re dreaming about beautiful, feature-rich, touch-based surveys for the B2B market.  In fact, this type of tablet-based survey is already being done today by the likes of SurveyPocket and others. You need to start thinking beyond just the iPad, though.  The corporate […]

Was Steve Jobs a Genius about Market Research?


When Apple founder Steve Jobs died a few months ago, there was an unprecedented reaction to the death of a business leader. In the week or so after his death, there was a huge amount of online conversation about Jobs, much of it in the form of tributes and an outpouring of sentiment. I personally […]

It’s the Latest Craze


This Forrester report calls it “tablet mania;”the current rush of technology innovators that are developing the next great “pad.” With Apple reporting over 3.27 million iPads sold in a single quarter, it’s no wonder that folks like HP, Toshiba, and Samsung are racing to get a slice of the pie. Notably, many of the products […]