Big Data Accuracy Before Insights

Dora the Explorer

A friend’s recent Facebook post really resonated with me. “Why does United Airlines bother sending me emails telling me I can go this weekend to Moline, IL for a mere $271? or to Saskatoon for $351? Really? Does that sound like a good deal to them? Have I ever shown the least bit of interest […]

Shopping by Amazon on a Snowy Evening

Shopping by Amazon on a Snowy Evening

Whose store this is I think I know His outlet’s in the strip mall, though; He will not see me stopping here To watch his store fill up with schmoes. My friend Siri must think it weird To stop without some wifi near Between the stores and interstate The darkest evening of the year. She […]

Analytics for Everyone: Amazon Does It Again with Redshift for Big Data


Amazon has done it again – this time in the world of analytics. Many of us are used to reading about Amazon at this time of year, with specials and good deals on free shipping. But there’s something bigger – much bigger – going on at Amazon this year. The company that started by revolutionizing the […]

Can Costco Avoid Cloud Cover?

Costco Amazon 150

I’ve always been one of Costco’s biggest fans. It’s my favorite store. I love their low prices, their no-questions-asked return policy, and the high quality of their merchandise. I sometimes drop into Costco with nothing in mind. It’s a great store for treasure hunting, and Costco consistently surprises me by featuring new and interesting merchandise […]