Interview with Y&R Chief of Staff J.J. Schmuckler


I recently had the privilege of sitting down for an interview with J.J. Schmuckler – the Chief of Staff of one of the most revered advertising agencies in the world, Young & Rubicam. We had a very interesting conversation about Y&R’s approach to advertising, marketing and research in the digital age. Dana Stanley: Good afternoon, […]

Jelli Spreads Social Advertising to Radio

Jelli Logo

At Research Access we are fascinated by disruptive business models. That’s why we wanted to bring to your attention a big development; this morning Jelli announced a new conceptualization of radio advertising. Jelli is a social music service that allows members to determine what is played on terrestrial radio stations using the web and mobile […]

Is it just me, or did Microsoft miss the point?

I’m going to go out on a limb for a bit and critique something about which I have only incomplete information. I guess that hasn’t stopped most of us in the past though. As anyone who follows happenings in the mobile world probably knows by now, Microsoft has just launched their new Windows Phone 7 […]

Location based services and loyalty programs

Location based services are able to identify your whereabouts using a device (mobile phone, iPad, ebook readers, etc.) and can provide better services and market & sell things based on your geographic location. Some examples of these types of services are finding a restaurant or ATM, turn by turn navigation, rider alerts and mobile advertising. There are other services such as Gowalla and […]

Mobile Apps and Users

Jiwire has released an audience insight report about mobile users and their advertising interactions. 1,000 smartphone users were surveyed and, encouragingly, 52% stated that they have responded to an advertisement on a mobile application. 18% said that they have even made a purchase directly from an app ad in the last month. The level of […]

Ad Spending Climbs 5.1%; TV Gains 10.5%

U.S. ad spending saw some significant increases in the first quarter, with Q1 spending hikes “broadly distributed” across advertisers and categories, according to Kantar Media. Overall, ad expenditures rose 5.1% in Q110 from a year ago, to $31.3 billion.

How Much is a Google Top Spot Worth?

Chitika, a search-based online advertising network, says in a report that top rankings on Google is worth double the traffic of ranking in the number 2 spot. You can find all the numbers here…

U.S. Internet ad spending to increase 10.8% this year

New report from Research firm eMarketer said Monday that it has revised its forecast for U.S. Internet ad spending upward to 10.8% growth this year compared with 2009.

Web Users Receive 1.1T Display Ads

US web users received 1.08 trillion online display ads in Q1 2010, according to comScore AdMetrix data. Social networking site led all online publishers during Q1 2010 with 176 billion display ad impressions, representing 16.2% market share. It looks like social media is indeed an industry at this point.

Online Video: Right on Target

Across the board, agencies are expecting to invest more in using online video for marketing purposes. This study by BrightRoll, a branded video advertising network, showed that not only does this still-developing medium prove itself to be “more effective” than other forms of advertising, but that its main appeal is the efficacy of targeting according […]