Dan Ariely on Keeping Respondents (and Researchers) Honest

Dan Ariely

Last week I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Dan Ariely, who is one of the leading thinkers in the field of behavioral economics – a discipline that is becoming increasingly relevant to market research. I asked Professor Ariely a number of questions about his new book, “The Honest Truth About Dishonesty,” and he told […]

Huffington Post Senior Polling Editor Mark Blumenthal: Exclusive Research Access Interview

Mark Blumenthal

If you follow politics, you’ve probably read Mark Blumenthal’s work. As Senior Polling Editor for the HuffPost Pollster section of the Huffington Post, Mark’s articles follow the ups and downs of political polls for one of the highest traffic media websites in the world. However, Mark goes far beyond the simple horse-race analysis. As a […]

Market Research Buzzwords and the Hype Curve


In Episode 2 of the Research Life Podcast, we have two special guests:  Jeffrey Henning, CMO of Affinnova and Andrew Jeavons, President of Survey Analytics. Andrew, Jeffrey and I discussed a list of buzzwords in market research, and attempted to place each on the Gartner Hype Curve. Our buzzwords came from a list published by Research […]

Introducing the Research Life Podcast

Research Life Podcast

I’m proud to announce a new feature at Research Access:  the Research Life Podcast. The subtitle of the Research Life Podcast is “Where Data Meets Life.”  In each episode, we’ll feature several examples of interesting news stories relating to data and/or survey results and talk about them.  The idea is to have a fun discussion […]