How to Set Up and Manage an Online Research Community

An online market research community (MROC) is a private online space for customers to discuss research related topics on a regular basis. The benefit of a research community comes from the ability to gather constructive, qualitative feedback from a self-regulating, evolving pool of participants. An effective MROC will deploy collaborative tools that allow the community […]

50+ Rewards That Will Excite Innovation

Start-up Team

We surveyed clients about their ideas of rewards that will engage communities, here are some of their top ideas. In the Office An extra personal day Ability to set your own hours A “leave early” free pass Offer summer hours A day with the boss Meet the CEO Name a conference room Name a product […]

Mobile Surveys and MROCs Are Now Mainstream

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It’s official! According to the most recent edition of GRIT, available today, mobile surveys and market research online communities are no longer emerging techniques; both are used by a majority of researchers: 56% of respondents have used MROCs, up from 49% in the last survey 9 months ago The growth in mobile has been even […]

How Can We Harness Entrepreneurial Innovation?

Lightbulbs of Thomas Edison and infringers

Every company wants to have the next great product or service. Some of the most disruptive ones lately have come out of the sharing economy—think Uber or Airbnb. The vast majority of these ideas have come from independent individuals who build companies around an idea rather than ideas within the framework of a company. In […]

Using an Insight Community to Unleash the Horsepower of an Engaged Fan

NASCAR insights community

On August 5, 2014, you could hear the sound of the engines and feel the air moving around the track as the cars passed by. NASCAR has a long and storied history of reaching out to and cultivating a near religious experience with its fans. It has translated those efforts into one of the most […]

Community Management Is Like Gardening

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Everyone is talking about Generation Z these days.  You know them … they are today’s tweens and teens—the kids just behind the Millennials, to whom everyone wants to talk. And with the buzz about Generation Z come the inevitable suggestions on how best to reach this group of young up-and-comers for online market research. These […]

10 Questions Every Online Community Manager Should Ask Themselves About Engagement

Group Of Happy Multi-Ethnic People Holding Colorful Empty Speech Bubbles

As a community manager at KL Communications, a big part of my job is continuously hunting for ways to engage our online research community members. We make engagement (and increasing engagement!) a focus every day, from re-evaluating member communications, incorporating new gamification elements, creating picture and video posts, to developing easy and convenient mobile apps, […]