The Challenges of Mobile Market Research

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Each day we’re counting down our Top 12 blog posts of 2014. Coming in at #9 is this book excerpt originally published August 12. The following is an excerpt from The Handbook of Mobile Market Research: Tools and Techniques for Market Researchers by Ray Poynter, Navin Williams, and Sue York. Published under license from John […]

General Mills Market Research Goes Mobile and Beyond

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Each day we’re counting down our Top 12 blog posts of 2014. Coming in at #11 is this presentation recap originally published September 19. Are you still staring at 10 people behind some glass in a focus group facility, or asking people in a traditional online survey to recall the products they considered, their behavioral […]

It’s a Myth That All Mobile Users Are Distracted

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A lot of researchers and moderators we speak are concerned that consumers using mobile phones are typically on-the-go, that is to say they are moving or en route somewhere and using their mobile to fill in time. But research shows that this is stereotype is unjust. Consumers aren’t suffering Mobile User Attention Deficit Disorder! Mobile […]

Creating Mobile Surveys as Subsets of Traditional Online Questionnaires

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Are you conducting research among mobile respondents yet? Autumn is conference season, and a thousand of us just returned from IIR’s The Market Research Event (TMRE) conference where we learned, among other things, about research among mobile survey takers. Currently, for market research industry spending: 5% is for research conducted on a smartphone or tablet […]

Mobile Surveys and MROCs Are Now Mainstream

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It’s official! According to the most recent edition of GRIT, available today, mobile surveys and market research online communities are no longer emerging techniques; both are used by a majority of researchers: 56% of respondents have used MROCs, up from 49% in the last survey 9 months ago The growth in mobile has been even […]

4 Reasons to Urgently Embrace Mobile Market Research

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Having talked to five research experts utilizing mobile in different ways, understood their perspectives on the pros and cons, I have come away with a clear sense that mobile really does offer MR something different. We need to take it seriously. Coming off the fence: yes, we should at least have a sense of urgency […]

Use Data Imputation When Modularizing Mobile Surveys

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The Problem The market research industry is at a crossroads as client demands push survey length longer while respondents increasingly take survey from smartphones (see Brian Jones’ previous blog on mobile market research trends and best practices). Many advanced analytical techniques require ~15-25 minutes (or more) worth of questioning to function, but many smartphone survey […]

Profiling with Surveys and Mobile Behavioral Data

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Clutter is a fact of life in the advertising world. This is as true for mobile ads as it is for print, television and radio. How to cut through the clutter and reach potential buyers is one of those questions that all marketers seek to answer. Maria Domoslawska, VP of Global Strategy for Research Now, […]

Mobile Research Hype, Then and Now

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I spent two days last week in Chicago at Market Research in the Mobile World (MRMW). I now have been to all four of the North American versions of this event, all the way back to Atlanta in 2011. Last week’s iteration caused me to go back and look at my post about the Atlanta event as […]

All Web Surveys Are Mobile

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Survey researchers can’t ignore mobile devices any longer. For surveys being administered through Survey Sampling International (SSI), the percentage of responses coming from smartphones doubled from 5% to 11% between Q1 2013 and Q2 2014. Responses on tablets saw a similar increase: from 4% to 10% during the same period. Almost all online surveys are […]