Using a Balanced Scorecard to Focus Your Business on What Matters

balanced scorecard

Forget what you know about the Balanced Scorecard approach. Most guides don’t really get to the point, as all they talk about are the “four perspectives” that you need to have, business objectives, and KPIs. All that is important, but what is more important is a coherent approach to using these business tools. Goals and [...]

Drum-Majoring for Truth

To Thine Own Self book cover

The following is an excerpt from To Thine Own Self: Honesty in Marketing. According to a TV commercial, any of us could have availed ourselves of amazing bargains at K-Mart during the “Martin Luther King Jr. Sale.” Man, where to begin…? I won’t get into the usual debate about who has the right to use [...]

Researching Responsive Design’s Effect on Conversion

responsive design

In market research circles, and in the broader marketing arena as well, mobile has been crowned king. Much of the current fervor is being stirred up by trend followers who are simply reacting to what their colleagues and the media are saying about aligning marketing design for use on mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. [...]

Using Homophily For Social Network Marketing

Social Networks and their Economics cover

The following is an excerpt from Social Networks and their Economics: Influencing Consumer Choice. Published under license from John Wiley & Sons, Inc. One of the most common observations when analyzing social networks is that people who are connected with each other tend to be similar, whether this is because those who are similar connect [...]

Pater Semper Incertus Est

Cool is for Fools book cover

The following is an excerpt from Cool is for Fools: The Poetry of Marketing. Marketing outcomes never know who their fathers are. Despite efforts to quantify, to track, to measure, to assign parent-child relationships, to “go to the source,” and to “create real metrics,” marketers are confounded by a basic fact: In a complex world, [...]

Social Media Campaigns by the Numbers

Social Media Marketing book cover

The following is an excerpt from  Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies. Published under license from John Wiley & Sons, Inc. In spite of the hype, social media is, at its core, a form of strategic marketing communications. As a business owner, you must balance the subjective aspects of branding, sentiment, good will, and quality [...]

Radio: The Forgotten 3.7 Trillion Impression Medium

Mike Dougherty of Jelli

Romi Mahajan, co-founder of Research Access, recently interviewed Mike Dougherty (pictured above), CEO of Jelli, a cloud-based ad platform for the global radio market. Q: Mike, tell me about radio.  I will admit not many folks are talking about it nowadays. All I hear is “social, mobile, digital.” A: Radio continues to be a fertile [...]

Cookies Will Be the Next Victim of the Mobile Revolution

Safari logo

No, we are not talking about Girls Scout Cookies. We are talking about the data stored on your machine by websites when you surf using a web browser like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. As you browse, each website stores pieces of information, in order to provide you with functionality such as remaining logged in [...]

Using a Virtual Simulation to Create Next-Gen Marketers

Muzzy Lane software screenshot

Every year thousands of students enter college with a focus on developing skills, and ultimately a career, in marketing.  This subject presents special challenges for instructors to teach, since no small amount of marketing is trial and error, or making a judgment based on past experience.  So how does a motivated student leave school prepared [...]

The HUMAN Brand

The Human Brand book cover

When Domino’s Pizza launched a new pizza recipe in late 2009, CEO Patrick Doyle took the unusual step of appearing in TV commercials to offer his humble apologies that Domino’s old recipe hadn’t been very good. In the first quarter of 2010, Doyle’s heartfelt requests for a second chance from his customers earned Domino’s the [...]