3 Phases of Collaboration Throughout the Innovation Lifecycle

bulb and team of paper man showing concept of teamwork

When companies or individuals consider crowdsourcing as a component of ongoing innovation for their organization, they often think that their network is only involved in the initial phase: ideation or idea gathering. This phase of crowdsourcing is often referred to as open innovation. And although numerous innovation software solutions provide this base level of functionality, [...]

Four Collaborative Steps to Innovation

IdeaScale innovation process

Open innovation is the practice of collecting data from a wide audience in order to solve problems or evolve. And this practice is being utilized in every industry, from government to nonprofits to enterprise-level companies to universities, with numerous different end goals and objectives. Marketers are using it for research, product managers are using it [...]

Research Innovation at Net Gain 8

Downtown Toronto - including the Rogers Centre, CN Tower, and banking district - in late summer.

At the end of January, Canada’s Market Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) presented the eighth annual Net Gain conference. This one-day conference explores cutting-edge trends in the market research industry. This year’s conference included presentations on mobile market research, the growth of automation in research, customer communities, and behavioral economics, among others. My summary of [...]

Where Do Market Research Ideas Come From?

marketing research ideas

Part of NewMR’s mission is to be at the boundaries of new ideas. To that end, NewMR, in partnership with Greenbook Blog and Research Access, surveyed 125 market researchers about sources of inspiration and change for the industry: Where do market research ideas come from? While this is not a representative view of the industry, [...]

What Negative Results from Concept Tests Might Mean

when concept tests fail

Tens of thousands of new products are tested each year, as part of concept tests, NPD, and volumetric testing. Some products produce a positive result, and everybody is pretty happy, but many produce a negative result. A negative result might be that a product has a low stated intention to purchase or it might be [...]

5 Things to Think About When It Comes To Innovation Incentives

Innovation - Light Bulb

There is much discussion about community engagement when it comes to the business of innovation and idea management. But one of the things that it seems like there is not enough discussion of is the incentivization of the innovation process. There are numerous ways to reward participants when it comes to making improvements to businesses, [...]

Post Mortem Feedback – Literally


You probably believe in the importance of ongoing feedback. Companies have been soliciting feedback from customers and the general public for decades. And with the advent of social media it’s increasingly possible to keep your finger on the pulse of your personal social standing. Well, I’d like you to think big, folks. Why should your [...]

An Interview with Michael Hack of QuePort

Michael Hack, CEO, QuePort social business software

Here is an interview I conducted recently with Michael Hack, CEO of QuePort (pronounced “Q Port”) a very interesting social software company based in Germany.  QuePort allows information to find you, as they say.  It expands your network beyond people you already know and finds people you might want to know. Dana Stanley: OK. We’re here today [...]

An Interview with Rob Fuggetta of Zuberance

Rob Fuggetta

I recently had the chance to sit down with Rob Fuggetta, the CEO and founder of Zuberance and the author of Brand Advocates. Zuberance is combining a more traditional metric – the Net Promoter score – with social media. This is a great example of combining research and internet technology to create something entirely new [...]

Interview: Paul McDonald, Google Consumer Surveys – Part 3


This is the third in a series of posts presenting an interview I conducted with Paul McDonald, Product Manager, Google Consumer Surveys. Click here for Part 1. Click here for Part 2. In this third and final part of the interview, Paul answers a series of questions I asked him about Google’s plans to pursue specific [...]