Another Tool in Your Infographic Toolbox


Create Infographics in 3 Easy Steps A while back, I provided a roadmap for creating infographics and promoted one of the new online tools for creating these visuals.  I have since been introduced to a similar resource called Venngage.  Venngage is extremely cost effective at less than $20 a month (they have a sale right now […]

How To Create Infographics: Tips & Tools

how to create Infographics

Not since the invention of online surveys has something sparked the imagination of our industry like Infographics. Sure, we haven’t mastered the art of making them, and we aren’t quite sure how to define them.  Yet most of us know a good infographic when we see it (or think we do). I want to take a few […]

Boring Charts Are Often the Most Informative

disease funding and fatalities chart

  Too often data is dressed up in ways that distract from the underlying message. Take this infographic about donations to fight diseases vs. the annual mortality rate for those diseases: The first problem with it is that you have to look in three places to understand any disease: the legend, the Money Raised column, […]

QuestionPro Launches Infographic Engine

QPro Infographic

The phrase “big data” is everywhere these days. Every other blog post I read or article I see online is touting how important big data is. Truth be told, I do agree that we live in an era where data is more important than ever, but I have to wonder, what good is data if […]

Infographic: Big Data at the Olympics


This Olympics infographic, published by,  illustrates some jolting facts about the data around the London Games: There are an estimated 13,000 tweets expected to be posted per second! One billion (with a “b”) people are expected to visit the official Olympic website – this of course does not even count websites devoted to coverage […]