Foursquare: The Rock Stars of Location

Foursquare Logo

At a conference about the technology of location in the most tech-savvy city in the world, there is really one company that’s “where it’s at.” It’s not Facebook or Google.  It’s Foursquare. Don’t get me wrong.  Facebook and Google have a really impressive presence here at the Where Conference.  They’re doing incredible things in location. […]

Mobile Market Research Trends, Part 1: Mobile Gamification

mobile gamification

On January 30th, 2012, Survey Analytics sponsored a webinar on Mobile Market Research Trends. The webinar was moderated by Esther LaVielle of Survey Analytics and featured Romi Mahajan, CMO of Metavana, and Chad Bhandari, co-founder of SurveySwipe. Today we bring you the full text of Part 1 of the webinar, which covered the topic of […]

Meet Quizlet: Social and Gamified Studying


My son, who started high school in September, is “enjoying” a rite of passage this week; he’s taking his first set of mid-terms. Come to find out, flashcards as a study tool may soon go the way of the Sony Walkman. Enter Quizlet. My son had a huge list of vocabulary words to learn.  He […]

Don’t Be a Misfit – Game Your Marketing

Misfits Community Service App

[Editor’s Note:  This post originally appeared on our sister site, GameAccess] Misfits is a hugely popular TV show here in the UK hosted by Channel 4′s cool, younger channel, E4. It’s about four young people who have to take part in Community Service (which is reserved as a punishment for young petty criminals here in […]

Market Research Trends 2012: Part One – Gamification

BadgeFarm Badges

On December 14th 2011 the Market Research Trends 2012 webinar featured moderator Ivana Taylor and panelists Lenny Murphy and Romi Mahajan discussing the most prominent trends for market research in 2012.  Today we bring you the full text of the first part of the webinar, where there was a very interesting discussion of the hot […]

The Future of Market Research

Market Research Trends

As anticipated, it was a fascinating and thought-provoking discussion yesterday in the Market Research Trends 2012 webinar.  There were over 40 people in attendance live, and there were many interesting questions submitted by the audience. The discussion featured Lenny Murphy, editor of the GreenBook Blog, and Romi Mahajan, CMO of Metavana (Vivek Bhaskaran, CEO of […]

Gamification – A new entrant….


Today, in about 30 mins BadgeFarm will be conducting a webinar to introduce BadgeFarm. I am really excited to oversee the launch of BadgeFarm – which has been under the wraps for quite a while. If you are interested in Gamification and how is pertains to engagement, marketing and our everyday lives – you should […]

Breathing New Life into Old Ideas: From the Soviets to McCandless


[Editor’s Note: The  following post was originally published by and is syndicated with permission by our sister site, GameAccess.] In a recent trip to the ESOMAR 3D conference in Miami, I took some time to visit the Wolfsonian Museum. As well as being a brilliant collection of artwork, sculpture and post-modern advertising, they have a library on their lower […]

A Social Media Marketer’s Take on Market Research

Elijah R. Young

I experienced Elijah Young’s keynote session on blogging and social media at the Social Media FTW (“For the Win”) Fall conference in September. ‘Experienced’ is the right word, because Elijah is such a dynamic and engaging speaker, simply saying ‘saw’ or ‘listened to’ would not due justice to the feeling of energy in the room.  Elijah […]

How to Love a Loser

[Editor’s Note: The  following post by Tom Ewing was originally published by and is syndicated with permission by our sister site, GameAccess.] I have a dirty gaming secret: I’m rubbish at lots of them. Anything that involves reflexes, timing, pixel-perfect judgement or any kind of co-ordination will floor me. I am condemned by fate to be […]