Getting Past Go With Gamification

go space on Monopoly board

Getting motivated can sometimes be hard. As technology continues to evolve it makes our lives and work easier, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re any more motivated. I may have a to-do list app that synchronizes across all my devices using cloud technology, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m any more motivated to finish those tasks. [...]

Life Is A Game, Or So They Say…

boardgame track

Last week, Betty Adamou, president of Research Through Gaming, joined Survey Analytics to speak about the transformation of surveys through the use of game techniques. The meteoric rise in the popularity of games online and on smartphones and tablets has opened many doors for market researchers to incorporate these elements, in an effort to increase [...]

Marketing VPs vs. Aliens: Gamification Phones Home


We’re counting down our Top 10 blog posts of 2013. Coming in at #7 is this presentation recap originally published June 27. At the ESOMAR 3D Digital Dimensions conference in Boston this week, Olga Churkina of Fresh Intelligence Research and Tristan Morris of PepsiCo shared a fascinating mobile ethnography case study which featured a game [...]

Using a Virtual Simulation to Create Next-Gen Marketers

Muzzy Lane software screenshot

Every year thousands of students enter college with a focus on developing skills, and ultimately a career, in marketing.  This subject presents special challenges for instructors to teach, since no small amount of marketing is trial and error, or making a judgment based on past experience.  So how does a motivated student leave school prepared [...]

The Gamification of Education

The Gamification of Education

Editor’s Note: As summer winds down, Research Access will be getting you ready to go “back to school” with two weeks of posts on the topic of education. Between August 20 and 31 we will be doing a series of posts that will have you ready to put on those new clothes, pack your lunch box [...]

Logos Quiz: The Future of Market Research?


What if you were a marketing executive for a global brand, and I told you I had collected benchmark feedback from thousands of consumers on the top brands in the world, including yours and your competitors’? Would I have your attention? Thanks to my son, I recently became aware of an ingenious app called Logos Quiz [...]

Tips on Gamification for Respondent Engagement


SSI’s Jackie Lorch and Jared Schiers recently did a very well-attended webinar on respondent engagement for the American Marketing Association. The session was called “Getting engaged with your research respondents: how to take your targets from first date to long-term relationship.” Lorch and Schiers covered a lot of ground, including addressing both extrinsic and intrinsic [...]

Foursquare: The Rock Stars of Location

Foursquare Logo

At a conference about the technology of location in the most tech-savvy city in the world, there is really one company that’s “where it’s at.” It’s not Facebook or Google.  It’s Foursquare. Don’t get me wrong.  Facebook and Google have a really impressive presence here at the Where Conference.  They’re doing incredible things in location. [...]

Mobile Market Research Trends, Part 1: Mobile Gamification

mobile gamification

On January 30th, 2012, Survey Analytics sponsored a webinar on Mobile Market Research Trends. The webinar was moderated by Esther LaVielle of Survey Analytics and featured Romi Mahajan, CMO of Metavana, and Chad Bhandari, co-founder of SurveySwipe. Today we bring you the full text of Part 1 of the webinar, which covered the topic of [...]

Meet Quizlet: Social and Gamified Studying


My son, who started high school in September, is “enjoying” a rite of passage this week; he’s taking his first set of mid-terms. Come to find out, flashcards as a study tool may soon go the way of the Sony Walkman. Enter Quizlet. My son had a huge list of vocabulary words to learn.  He [...]