Integrated App Feedback Critical for Developers

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Just five years ago, Apple launched the “app craze” and announced apps as the future of brand-to-consumer communications. Today there are over a million apps in the marketplace, and it is a $26 billion industry. Despite all their success, apps have an even richer future ahead of them. Only 7% of businesses worldwide have mobile […]

What Market Researchers Can Learn From Sales Professionals

Kathryn Korostoff

When planning a sales effort, there are a lot of different ways to contact the other party to request a meeting.  You could call them, send a text, send an email, or contact them on Skype.  You can even, in some cases, decide to do an in-person visit. But what do you think a great […]

Market Research Jobs are Changing

Market Research Jobs are Changing

Market research jobs are changing. Gone are the days when you attended business school with a major in marketing, or got a Master’s degree in statistics, psychology or econometrics. Gone are the days when you had formal training, on the job or off. Gone are the days when Fortune 1000 companies employed people for decades. […]

Millennials Are Growing Up

agues holding each other and laughi

Editor’s Note: Today I’m pleased to introduce a new Research Access author: Gayle Vogel, Vice President at Edge Research, a full service marketing research firm that specializes in connecting research results with actionable insights. We’ve been conducting generational research for years, capturing the emotional and rational thought processes that motivate individuals along the life stage continuum.  […]

Infographic: Big Data at the Olympics


This Olympics infographic, published by,  illustrates some jolting facts about the data around the London Games: There are an estimated 13,000 tweets expected to be posted per second! One billion (with a “b”) people are expected to visit the official Olympic website – this of course does not even count websites devoted to coverage […]

Market Research Skills of the Future

Crystal Ball 150

What are the market research skills of the future? Jason Anderson of Blizzard Entertainment (a.k.a. @dirkgently on Twitter) had an interesting, and, I think, telling piece of advice during his talk at last week’s Market Research in the Mobile World conference in Cincinnati. By way of background, Jason’s talk was entitled “A Technologist’s Research Manifesto.” […]

The Life of a Media Researcher


One of our goals here at Research Access is to share the stories of research practitioners so that others can enjoy learning about – and learning from – their experiences. Earlier this week I shared an interview with Elizabeth McLaughlin of the Virginia Tourism Corporation. Today I’m sharing a recent interview I did with Jim Multari, […]

Virginia is for (Research) Lovers

Virginia is for Research Lovers

I recently had the opportunity to interview Elizabeth McLaughlin, who heads research for the Virginia Tourism Corporation. Elizabeth has experience both on the supplier and the client side of market research, and she shared some valuable perspectives on the interplay between research supplier and research client. She also talked about the types of research VTC […]

Ambient Insights – What Facebook Has Done to Communication, and What We Can Learn From It


Editor’s Note: Thanks to the folks at QuestionPro for sharing this post, which originally appeared on the QuestionPro blog. The Facebook IPO is fresh in everyone’s mind – what with the tech media frenzy surrounding it or the saga surrounding its pricing. And now, Facebook is the 4th company ever to have an IPO over […]

Say Hello, Not Goodbye, To Your Golden Years


A survey conducted by BoomerOpinions this month revealed some fascinating findings about retirement prospects for the baby boomer generation. Sixty percent of the nearly 400 baby boomers surveyed thought it was realistic they could retire within the next ten years. However, 25% of respondents expressed doubts about their imminent retirement prospects. In a New York Times […]